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Is Canada Ready for AI?
by The Logic

The emergence of Chat GPT in late 2022 launched the world into a new era of highly capable artificial intelligence, the most fascinating new technology since the birth of the Internet. The Ultimate Disruption: Canada Meets Artificial Intelligence is a ground-breaking collection of original work from the editors of TheLogic, Canada’s business and tech newsroom. It provides a comprehensive overview of the state of AI in Canada, introduces some of the technology’s current champions (and fallen ones), explores some of its most exciting applications, and weighs its potential impact on our daily lives, our workplaces, our economy, and the future of humanity.
This bracing and highly-readable book also traces Canada’s critical role in the development of artificial intelligence and asks whether we’ll reap the rewards of that early contribution or wind up a bystander in the increasingly frenzied world of AI.

The Logic is an independent, non-partisan news organization founded by David Skok in 2018 to provide in-depth reporting on the organizations, policies, and people driving Canada's innovation economy.

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